Kodak Black Invites Tiffany Haddish To Make An ‘OnlyFans’ Video With Him

Kodak Black invites Tiffany Haddish to make an OnlyFans video with him.

While on Instagram live together, Kodak and Tiffany both expressed interest in working with each other… just in two different forms.

Kodak Black invited Tiffany to join his live as he was trying to “check the temperature” to see if she was “coming at him” following her comments about his Drink Champs interview. In which she explained, “I’m definitely not coming for you. I love what you do, I saw your Drink Champs [interview].”

Tiffany went on to say she and Kodak have some similarities and she feels like she can relate to Kodak in some ways. Kodak then goes on to ask if she would join him in an OnlyFans video. “Uh nope, we not doing that,” Haddish responded. “First of all, I’m too old for that sh*t. Second of all, you know I got box office movies. I don’t need to go on an OnlyFans, okay?”

After Haddish shut down that offer, Kodak asks if she can “put [him] in a movie?” She replies, “we could do that.”Haddish then asked if Kodak was in fact on the OF platform. He shares, “I’m ’bout that bag, you heard me?” he replied. “I’m about that bag too, let’s do a song together” she expressed.

Watch the full interaction for yourself below.