Kodak Black Sounds Off On Being Mistreated In Prison

kodak black
(Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)

Kodak Black has been very vocal about his experiences in prison, and according to him things have gotten worse.

Kodak took to his Instagram account to lets fans know that he is being moved to Kentucky USP Big Sandy in response to a fight that he claims he did not start.

The Florida rapper went on to say that he will need a knife to protect himself.

Take a look at the full caption here:

These Ppl Stay Trynna Fuck Me Ova, All This #Coronavirus Shit And Yall Talkin Bout Trynna Charge A Nigga For A Bogus Fight. If Y’all Gonna Charge Me DO IT NOW then, Don’t Try To Wait Until I’m Almost Home, Hell Naw, Then If Y’all Was Charging Me Why Y’all Letting Me Out Da Box?! On Top Of That Y’all Send Me Way to Kentucky USP Big Sandy 1,023 miles Away From My Family After Donald Trump Passed The First Step Act Stating That The BOP is Supposed To Keep You Within 500 Miles Of Your Family. Everybody Kno Big Sandy Is The Worst Penitentiary in BOP besides Hazelton. Y’all Sent T.I. to A Low and Sent Gucci Mane to Terre Haute So Why The Fuck Y’all Send Kodak Black to Big Sandy?! Cuz The Ppl Kno How I’m Rocking They Know I Ain’t No Bitch and I’ll Blow Me Some Shit Up So They Send Me To The Compound Where It’s Only 3 Niggaz From Florida There, So Regardless Of Who Talkin Like They Got My Back Imma Need Me A Fuckin KNIFE bcuz I Don’t Know Nobody. These Ppl Breaking All Type Of Laws With Me. 1st Of All Y’all Sent Me Way Past My Radius, 2nd That Is “Double Jeopardy” bcuz Y’all have Already Sanctioned Me To 5 Months In The Box, Took My Phn Calls For 6 Months,Took My Email And My Commissary For 6 Months, Everyone In The Feds Kno They Cannot Turn Around And Charge You After They Serve You Your Shit, So Why They Trynna Do Me Like Dat?! 3rd Of All Wit A New Charge Ova My Head I’m Never Supposed To Be Let Out The Box I’m Supposed To Be Going To Court For It, These Ppl Setting Me Up Letting Me Out The Box and Sending Me To The Worst Penitentiary So I Can Get In Some More Trouble So When They Do Decide To Bring Me To Court They Can Have Some More Shit To Say. Y’all The One Beat Me Up And Did Me Wrong, Y’all Should be Getting A New Charge!!