Latto Claps Back At Fan Telling Her To Stop Working With Unknown Artists

Latto clapped back at a fan who suggested that she stop working with “unknown artists” after the “Put It On The Floor Again” hitmaker teased a project with an up and coming rapper named Anycia.

“Girl, we love you but you need to stop doing collabs with these unknown artists,” the fan tweeted. “Enough is enough. As fans, we want to see you win and this will get you nowhere and a Latto feature is losing its value. No more Babydrills, Luh Tylers and whoever this is. Next era, please.”

Latto quoted the tweet and said, “Y’all be getting besides y’all self,” she began. “Shawty from the South Side [and] she’s hard af. Idc ’bout allat. I was an ‘unknown artist’ before and mfs acted too big for me. Stream when we drop.”

Anycia also took to her Twitter page to comment on the backlash. “Bruh oml… the fact that mfs [are] THIS mad [about] me doing a song with latto is C R A Z Y. lmaoooooooooo.” See related posts below.