Latto Fires Back At Ice Spice In New Song ‘Sunday Service’

Latto fires back at Ice Spice’s diss.

In new song “Sunday Service”, Latto raps, “think I’m the shit, bitch, I know it, ho/ Jesus walked on water, I got ice boilin’ though”.

We previously reported that Ice Spice seemingly confirmed rumors that she and Latto are beefing. While on Twitter Spaces, Ice questions, “why am I in the back of your weak a** snippet? I thought it was fake,” she began. “I thought it had to be AI but no. Like be bold, but if you’re going to talk about me, then talk about me. Why am I in the back of your weak a** snippet?”

Following the now viral video, Latto was seen shooting a music video for the aforementioned clip. The video is being shot in the Bronx, where Ice Spice is from.