Latto Gives Back And Pays A Fans Rent

Latto is gaining attention after generously spending some cash on a fan. On Sunday, March 24th, Latto utilized X (formerly Twitter) to share a message with her fans, stating, “My fav thing about being rich is going out to eat damn near every day & ordering wtvr tf I got a taste for.”

In response to her tweet, a user named @jusdaydreamin suggested, “u should cashapp me $75 so I can do that tomorrow.” Latto took notice of this comment and promptly replied, asking for the user’s cash app details.

Shortly thereafter, it appeared that Latto fulfilled the user’s request, as evidenced by the tweet from @jusdaydreamin, saying, “latto ily so much… treating myself to some nice lunch tomorrow.”

However, another interaction involving Latto garnered significant attention. In reaction to her initial tweet, user @tato10110 expressed a different sentiment, writing, “Not rn Latto. Pls. It’s rent szn.” Latto responded promptly with an apology and further inquired about the user’s financial situation, asking, “Sorry, how much is ur rent & what’s ur cash app?”

Once again Latto did fulfill this users wishes. It seems that if you have a modest ask, Latto might just come through for you.