Latto’s Mom Breaks The Internet With New Picture

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Latto’s mother is breaking the internet.

The rapper shared a picture of her mom, Misti Pitts, on her Instagram story, and it has since gone viral. “Latto get it her from her mama I see..” commented one fan. “Hold uppppp no wonder Latto fine asf her mama is beautifulllllllll as hell” comments another.

In another post, the Clayco artist shared a throwback picture of her mom holding her as a baby. She captions it “my mama 15yr old fast a*s w me..”

Over on Twitter, the “Big Energy” artist found herself defending her parents and their age gap. A X user shared their opinion on the age gap writing, “Latto shared a photo of her as an infant being held by her mother with a caption that said, ‘My mama 15yr old fast a** w me,’” the post read.

“Her dad was 23 and her Mom was 15 at the time of conception. Wouldn’t that make her father a pedophile? Mhm thinks.”

Latto clapped back at the post, “my parents are 3 yrs apart lol.”

Latto has also been making headlines after fans assume Ice Spice is dissing her on new song. Previewed at Coachella, Ice rapped, “[Bi**hes] be losing the plot & that’s how I got to the top & NO I don’t got any opps/ Like why would I beef with a flop,” the 24-year-old wrote in a post on X, quoting the lyrics. “Like let’s talk drill!! Who bigger than she?!! Who prettier too?!!!/ 250 to GET IN THE BOOTH,” the “Munch” rapper added.

Ice Spice’s alleged diss of course comes after Latto’s “Sunday Service” lyrics was aimed at Spice. “Think I’m the sh*t, bi**h, I know it, ho*/ Jesus walked on water, I got ice boilin’ though.”

We’ll keep you updated if the two continues.