LeBron James To Release “Space Jam 2” Trailer Alongside Free Agency Announcement! #SceneIt

Lebron James to launch Space Jam 2 trailer on Instagram TV

(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)


LeBron James has the world watching him as we wait for the decision, will the “King” stay in Cleveland or will he leave?


While we all hold our breath to find out where he will take his talents to next, we won’t have to wait too long. According to ESPN’s Brian Windhost via The Lowe Post podcast, the announcement will reportedly come before 4th of July. 


The announcement itself will be aired on LeBron’s platform, Uninterrupted, according to his business partner Maverick Carter. 


But that’s not it.


LBJ we will give us a two for one by releasing the trailer to Space Jam 2!


According to Scoop B of The Basketball Society Online, “once James announces his decision, he will utilize the Instagram TV app to launch a trailer and a documentary for his Space Jam 2 that we’ve waited forever and a day to see.”

Get ready for the days to come; it’s going to be an exciting one!