L&HH’s Brittney Taylor Arrested For Assault

Brittney Taylor
(Photo Credit: Brian Killian/Getty Images)

Brittney Taylor who was last in the news after accusing Remy Ma of punching her in the face, is now facing assault charges of her own.

Taylor was reportedly arrested after an altercation which resulted in scratching, and a cell phone thrown at Dina Khalil’s face according to Page Six. She was charged with assault, and released on her own recognizance.

The Love & Hip Hop personality has went on social media accusing Remy Ma of punching her in the face backstage at the Pretty Lou Benefit Concert earlier this year. Remy was arrested for the accusation, and is currently fighting the case as she claims that not only did she not assault her, but also arguing the timeline that was given to authorities.

Remy Ma’s lawyer Eric Sanders addressed the arrest in a statement to the publication.

“Obviously this arrest creates a major credibility issue for the prosecution and [Taylor’s lawyer in the case] Mr. Rubenstein to contend with,” he said. “Either way, we intend to continue pressing forward to ensuring Remy is totally vindicated.”

Taylor’s lawyer Sanford Rubenstein responded by saying that the two cases do not go hand in hand.

“The arrest of Brittney Taylor does not in any way change the facts of the assault of Brittney Taylor for which Remy Ma is being prosecuted by the Manhattan district attorney.”