Lil Baby Responds To Alleged Leaked Man-On-Man Sex Tape: ‘Ain’t No Mystery In My History’

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Lil Baby shuts down rumors that he’s seen in an alleged leaked gay sex tape.

The rapper is trending online after social media users speculate that Lil Baby is performing fellatio in a now viral video. ““Not lil baby getting wild..” commented one fan.

Baby shut down speculation that that is him in the video. “Y’all gotta stop using my name and likeness when y’all get bored, then the extremes mfs go to for clout is sick [angry face emojis]!! Ain’t no mystery in my history on NO LEVEL,” he wrote.

“This my last time addressing any kind of dumb a*s click bait. Tf is wrong wit y’all [facepalm emoji]. No flaws, no cap in my raps. TF is wrong with y’all.”

We previously reported that Lil Baby also had to address rumors that he and rapper Chrisean Rock were an item. “I ain’t with the trolling sh*t !”he wrote on Twitter. “I be laughing at certain sh*t but Aite now stop playing I ain’t never tried to talk to no mf chrisean !! Please stop attaching my name to that !”

He continued, “I seen her at a party an told her some real shit she know I never tried to talk to her ! I know I bring attention but chrisean even trolling about a child an stuff is too far !! Like [annoyed face emoji]. Thanks !”