Lil Kim Says Presales For Her New Book Will Surpass Bible Sales

Lil Kim is very confident in the success of her new memoir. The rapper hopped on a livestream to discuss The Queen Bee and addressed the delay of the book.

“My book has been done,” she said. “I’m going to write y’all a letter to tell y’all what’s going on, but it’s not really cool. But I don’t want to use this to talk about it. I really don’t. But just know it’s like that. It’s crazy.”

“When we post our presales, we be surpassing the Bible, and that’s crazy,” she stated. “The Bible, I don’t take that lightly, I already know that… It’s some crazy s**t going on behind the scenes. You have to be really careful when you deal with these book companies because they try to take advantage of you. You know, I’m a little Black woman.”

The Christian Bible is currently the “Best-Selling Book,” according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Although it is impossible to count how many copies have been printed over the last 1,500 years, the organizations says “research conducted by the British and Foreign Bible Society in 2021 suggests that the total number probably lies between 5 and 7 billion copies.”

Kim first announced The Queen Bee in 2021. Over the summer, she confirmed that all revisions for the book were completed this past July. “It’s been a long journey, Beehive, edits are finally done,” she tweeted. “Thank you to my bestie/soulmate [Marc Jacobs] for doing my forward.”