Lil Mo Has More Words For Remy Ma, Vita Speaks Out + Fat Joe Addresses Everything 

Fat Joe (L) and Remy Ma during We Love NYC: The Homecoming Concert Produced by NYC
(Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Live Nation)

The drama continues! 

Although the Ja Rule and Fat Joe Verzuz was a successful show, one part of the battle didn’t go as planned. 

During the Verzuz, when Fat Joe and Ja were trash talking to each other, like the Dipset Vs. The Lox Verzuz, Fat Joe said something that offended Lil Mo and Vita. Before Mo and Vita got on stage, Joe referred to them as “dusty b*tches.” He said, “You got all those other dusty b*tches out there. You gotta go to the crackhouse to find them b*tches.”

Fat Joe received backlash from social media, but he later apologized online. Lil Mo said she was “disappointed.” Terror Squad’s Remy Ma wrote a public message to Lil Mo, attempting to diffuse the matter, but Mo wasn’t trying to hear it. Mo responded to Remy’s post and told Remy no one could tell her how to feel. Take a look:

Then Vita chimed in on social media. She posted a selfie and, in the caption, said, “@fatjoe Yooooo bro I was wondering why U was apologizing to me last night N @jarule Dressing Room. Accept his apology or Naw???”

This was when fans realized Fat Joe had already apologized to Vita and Mo during the show, behind the scenes. He apologized AGAIN on social media, and this is another apology Joe made on Live. 

It looks like this can be laid to rest now… 

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