Lil Mo Opens Up About Struggles With Opioid Addiction

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Lil’ Mo made a recent appearance on “Don’t Call Me White Girl” podcast.

The “Superwoman, Part II” singer opened up about how she struggled with opioid addiction due to being in an abusive relationship.

“Addiction is real because people don’t know you’re addicted,” she began. “People can’t afford it — I spent at least a stack a week and I’m making sure everybody good… When I go to California, when we touch down, everything was laid out — coke, pills, syrup… And I’ll get up there and sing and you’d never know and I’m literally burnt the f**k out.””

Lil’ Mo continued, “the only reason y’all knew I was on drugs was because I said it… That’s when it comes to the soft white underbelly where you think you have to lower who you are to meet people where they at. It upsets me what I allowed… I used to be on South Street. I used to be around. I don’t even go outside like that.”

She added, “I would be so angry, so hurt, so depressed and I didn’t know how to let that go.” Check out the full episode below.