Lil Pump Gets Kicked Off Flight After TSA Agents Allegedly Found Drugs in His Luggage

Lil Pump wearing a red jacket on stage

(Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images)

Lil Pump has been arrested…again. The rapper was on a flight to Los Angeles from Miami when TSA agents pulled him off the plane before it took off.

According to TMZ, as soon as Pump and his crew boarded the plane, a flight attendant reported that there was a problem and they were immediately removed from the flight. Once they were off the plane, they were met by the police which delayed the flight for an hour.

Sources close to Pump stated that there were no drugs found in the rappers luggage and that his bag was mistaken for another bag that smelled like weed. Lil Pump and his manager ended up under arrest after getting into a disorderly argument with TSA agents.