Lil Pump Had a WILD Month, All Smiles Through Three Crazy Situations! [PHOTOS + VIDEOS]

Rapper Lil Pump poses backstage at the 2018 BET Experience STAPLES Center Concert Sponsored by SPRITE on June 23

Photo credit – Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for BET


Lil Pump is the perfect example of being able to stay positive in SERIOUS situations. In about a four weeks span, the 18-year-old rapper almost lost his home in a wildfire, tear gas was sprayed at his concert, and earlier this week, he was arrested for going off on Denmark authorties.

Last month when massive wildfires in California caused major damage to many homes and 91 deaths, Lil Pump kept his cool. On November 9, moments before the fire caught up to his mansion in Malibu, he was making light of the situation in a video. As he was putting some of his belongings in a plastic bag, that’s when he realized that the fire was growing closer and he needed to make a move QUICK!

Check out the video here:



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On November 16, TMZ reported that his show in Nottingham, United Kingdom was disrupted because of a tear gas attack. A smoke flare was tossed into the crowd by an unidentified person, causing tons of chaos and confusion. News reports say that people were “scrambling and grasping for air.” Lil Pump and his crew left the scene but came back after the coast was clear and continued his performance.

Watch the video of the attack:


Here is the video of his performance after:


Earlier this week (December 4) Lil Pump landed himself in some heat with Denmark police. He got in trouble for mouthing off local police which resulted in him getting locked up after. Getting in trouble overseas can be a bit of a hassle but Lil Pump is handling it like a champ! The “Gucci Gang” rapper posted a video on his IG story and is nothing but cool, calm, and collective about the situation.

Watch his reaction to Denmark police:


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Could you have this same type of “carefree”attitude when life throws you lemons?