Lil Scrappy Recalls Growing Up In A Trap House With Momma Dee, Says Prostitutes Would Sleep In His Bed 

Lil Scrappy is sharing some information about his upbringing. 

His mother, Momma Dee, was reportedly a pimp back in the day. They lived in a trap house where he witnessed all sorts of things. 

The Jasmine Brand reports Scrappy recently did an interview with Carlos King and spoke on his childhood. He says even as a “youngin,’” he was exposed to seeing sex, drugs, and money. He said, 

“Our house was the house, you know what I’m saying? Like, where we stayed at was the trap house. You know what I’m saying? So, I seen them come, I seen them go, I seen h*es. Like I say, h*es had to f*ck n*ggas in my room, you know what I’m saying, and in my sister room so we had to sleep with my mama.” He continued,

“Once the weekend come, we come home from school the rooms done been wiped down with beach, rooms cleaned, new covers and sheets. I’m like, ‘You gone do this every week?’” Then he shared details about seeing drug paraphernalia. He said,

“And we’ll be in our room on the weekend. You know what I’m saying? Watching TV or playing with our toys or whatever, you know what I’m staying? And you’ll see little straws and sh*t around the house…They used to take real straws that you get from McDonald’s and cut them…Do they thing. If they don’t got a pipe, they’ll get it some kind of way.”

Then Scrappy spoke on how he started selling drugs right before becoming a teenager. He said, “I was a teenager when I first started selling drugs. Now weed, I did that since I was 12 years old. I was 12 years old smoking weed…When I got 16, well, all through my life my mama was sliding me that liquor. You know what I’m saying? ‘Go on and taste it, go on and taste it.’ But I wasn’t never really on it like that…But I definitely been a weed head since I was 12.”