Lil Terrio Shows Off Extreme Weight Loss After Losing 150 Pounds

(Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Lil Terrio is showing off his brand new look, after losing 150 lbs.

Terrio also known as the “Ooh, kill ’em” dance kid, has made some life changing. The social media personality shares some before and after pictures where he’s down a huge amount of weight. He claims he’s aiming to lose 40 more lbs.

“I want to inspire the obese youth and really everybody on my fitness journey,” said Terrio, who has struggled with his weight. “These past couple months I’ve been low key committed to changing my mindset and my lifestyle. Now it’s time to change the world.”

In a post he says, “changing my lifestyle was the best decision of my life. I’ve never felt so good & confident,” he said in another video. “I faced obstacles during my journey but I didn’t let those set backs stop me. I’m all in.”

Take a look at his weight loss below. Congratulations below.