Lil Uzi And JT Reportedly Call It Quits

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Lil Uzi and JT have reportedly called it quits.

According to reports, the two have unfollowed each other on Instagram and Uzi removed all the pictures off his Instagram except one picture of himself.

Lil Uzi previously opened up about not being in the best shape in his life. “Life is becoming so different. Hopefully for the better,” Uzi shared via Instagram Story.“This time I won’t stop my journey to happiness or being one of the greatest musicians ever. My last album will definitely help you remember who is the one. Thank you.”

“The most attention I could get is by dropping music,” they added. “I understand y’all don’t believe me, but it starts with me 2 show you that I’m actually serious. I’m very stressed out and done with so many voice’s controlling my life. It’s like I never lived for me. I would give up all the money and perks that this comes with 2 live a perfectly normal life. I’m okay with it…After that I finally can genuinely smile.”

“Im not as close to my family as I should be. My relationship isn’t in the best shape. I JUST WANNA BREATHE… I’ve been distant from everyone lately, even if they are standing right next to me.”

Neither JT nor Uzi has directly addressed the break up rumors as of yet.