Lil Wayne Accepts Birdman’s Offer To Make ‘Like Father, Like Son 2’

(Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for BMI)

This is bittersweet.

While Birdman did announce his retirement, he also proposed to make another Like Father, Like Son with Lil Wayne. Clearly, the two have put their issues past them as Baby joined Weezy on the season finale of his new Apple Music show, Young Money Radio show.

Weezy was on board instantly when Birdman mentioned following up with their 2006 project. He says, “Come on man, that was not a question,” Wayne said in confirmation. “You know I could send you six joints, you ain’t gotta do nothing but put your verses to them. You already know how I do man.”

As far as retirement, Baby lets it be known that his focus is else where when it comes to making music. “I’m done rapping, rapping ain’t for me no more,” he explained. “I’m done with that shit. I like to make rappers, that’s what I do. So I just want it to just be my little farewell thing. I wanna go out how I came in.”