Lil Wayne Ordered To Pay $150 k For Getting Paid From FAKE Concerts He Created!

Lil Wayne performs at DTE Energy Music Theater on September 10

Photo credit – Scott Legato/Getty Images

This is CRAZY!

Reported on TMZ, Lil Wayne allegedly created fraudulent companies to book his concerts. The article says that Wayne was ordered to pay over $150,000, to Ramin Natann, who sued Weezy for a breach of contract. 

Natan also included The Migos in the suit back in January, claiming that they were “Ponzi scheme artists who created shell companies to get money for shows they never planned to really perform.”

In the suit, Natan said that he loaned $500,000 to a man named Eric Stenger to be a promoter for Weezy. Natan claims that Stenger lied about being a promoter and allegedly was in “cahoots with Wayne from the jump.” Natan says that Jeezy received $500,000 but didn’t perform, and never returned the money. 

According to the legal documents, Lil Wayne was served with the suit but he didn’t respond, so the judge issued a default judgment against Weezy. The courts may give him one last chance to answer.