Lil Wayne & Other Artists Who Make Songs Without Writing Lyrics [VIDEO]

Lil Wayne performs on stage

Photo Credit: Rick Kern / Getty Images

Lil Wayne sat down for an interview with Jimmy Fallon, after he released his highly anticipated album ‘Tha Carter V.’

During the interview, Fallon asked Tunechi if it was true that he has wrote over a million songs?  Wayne lets the talk show host know that, that couldn’t be true because he doesn’t write. He says he just ‘goes in the booth and how he’s feeling is how it goes.’

Now we know that Lil Wayne is a living legend, and to some- the greatest rapper alive. So the fact that he doesn’t write shocked Fallon, and the audience.

Check out the brief interview below.

After finding out the Weezy still doesn’t write, we’ve come up with other artist who also doesn’t write but flows as they go as well.

1) In an interview with MTV, Jay- Z say’s the last time he wrote lyrics before getting into the booth was in 1996.

2) It was heard that the late Biggie Smalls stopped writing his lyrics after he met Jay-Z.

There are a few other writers who reportedly “flow off the dome” including Snoop Dogg, Young Thug and more but these three are the most credible.