Lil Wayne Put A Crowd In Check After Someone Tossed A Blue Bandana At Him 

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Why do people go to concerts to throw objects at the artists?

It remains a question, but Lil Wayne isn’t here for it.

As reported on Hip Hop DX, the Young Money leader had to put a Jacksonville, Florida crowd in their place. He paused the show after someone threw a blue bandana on stage. Before Wayne got through the first song, he told the crowd he’s not tolerating the disrespect. He said, 

“This my first song. If a n*gga gonna be throwing sh*t at me, I ain’t gonna do another song and I’ll get my ass right up out this muthaf*cka. It’s called respect. So like I said, if a n*gga gonna be throwing shit at me, then I don’t respect that person.” It didn’t spot there, Wayne had some more words, he said, 

“If you know who that was that threw that sh*t, tell him I said f*ck him and suck on a muthaf*ckin dick. You little p*ssy b*tch! Throwing flags at me — n*gga, that shit ain’t even real, fuck wrong with you? P*ssy muthaf*cka, let’s go!”

Luckily, the crowd calmed down, and no more objects were thrown on stage. Weezy was able to finish his set. He performed bangers like “Uproar,” “No Worries,” “Rich As Fuck,” “Bitches Love Me,” “Lollipop,” “Mrs. Officer,” “Every Girl,” “Bedrock,” “Swag Surfin,” “Wasted,” “Steady Mobbin’,” and “A Milli,” the article points out.

Take a look at a clip:

Nonetheless, fans were pleased with Wayne. Some spoke out via Twitter. One user wrote, “Ain’t gon lie Lil Wayne killed it tonight in Jacksonville.” Another person said, “Last night Was great! Full of surprises at the lil Wayne and friends show in Jacksonville. City Girls brought out P. Diddy I uploaded all my videos to my channel.”

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