Lil Yachty Goes OFF On VLAD TV For Twisting His Words, ‘You A B*tch’

(Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Revolt)

Lil Yachty has time today! 

The rapper vented on social media about the blogger/platform Vlad TV. Yachty tweeted that he had some issues with Vlad and how he twisted his words. 

Yachty was being interviewed by Vlad and asked the rapper if he was still cool with Lil Uzi Vert. According to Yachty, when Vlad shared the interview, he made it seem like Yachty said he wasn’t cool with Uzi. Take a look at a screen grab, captured by No Jumper:

Yachty wasted no time calling Vlad out. Yachty Tweeted, 

“VLAD TV u a bitch cus that’s not what I said, stop twisting words u FBI agent.”

Then Vlad responded and said,

“Nobody’s twisting your words. They asked if you and & Lil Uzi Vert were cool and you said “ehhhh”. Watch the video yourself before you start accusing people of twisting words that you said yourself. Kids today love to play victim & blame everyone else for their own actions.”

Yachty tweeted that his response doesn’t mean that he’s not cool with Uzi. “Nigga it don’t mean we not cool, it means I rather not speak on the situation publicly.”

Yachty made a final tweet about the situation and said he wishes bloggers would stop doing stuff just for clicks! Take a look:

“U bloggers make a living off tryna run stories y’all have no proof on that shit is lame… niggas be bored, itchin’ 4 a headline.”