Lil Yachty Recalls Beef With Migos, Says Quavo Was ‘So Mean’ To Him

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Lil Yachty recalls a time he had a “friendly” beef with The Migos.

During a recent episode of his new podcast A Safe Space featuring Quality Control’s co-founders Kevin “Coach K” Lee and Pierre “P” Thomas, Yachty says he was not really embraced by the QC roster when he signed to the label.

“Quavo used to be so mean to me!” Yachty admitted. “It became like a friendly beef. It was like this thing of battling with me against all three Migos when it came to cars, when it came to jewelry, when it came to women, when it came to clothes, everything.”

He continued, “Quavo got a new chain, I had to get a new chain. Offset got a new chain, I get a new chain. TakeOff get a new watch, I would go and get a new watch.”

“I used to always feel like everyone was trying to little bro me. At first, they thought I was weird as sh*t. They was like, ‘This n-gga is weird as f*ck.’”

He did go on to say one of The Migos was nice to him from day one. “TakeOff, from the second he met me, was extremely nice and just welcoming with open arms.”