Lil Yachty Reveals Drake ‘Rarely’ Listens To Music

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The more you know.

Lil Yachty shares an interesting fact about his friend, Drake. Yachty says it “rare” for the 6 God to listen to music outside of the music he’s creating.

In a conversation with James Blake- Blake reveals he doesn’t listen to music everyday. “That’s the same with Drake,” Yachty shared. “When I started hanging with him a lot, he rarely listens to music except for when he’s recording.” 

“He’s more, like a, talking type of person,” Yachty says during the interview with Complex. “[He] plays music when it’s time to record.”

“Sometimes he plays music in the car, but he’ll ride in silence most times. And before we got this close, I thought all musicians were like me and music was all day every day,” Yachty stated. 

The fun fact about Drizzy gained a lot of attention. “Same. It’s healthier not to have music on all the time, if u got it too loud it’ll create brain fog and if you save the music u like for when u feel like hearing songs specifically instead of needing background music you’ll enjoy it much more..” agrees one fan.

“Give your ears a rest sometimes enjoy the natural ambiance… learn to have a conversation lol gen z can’t function without AirPods.” reacts another.

Lil Yachty on the other hand listens to music throughout his whole day. “I’m going to wake up, music, driving, music, showering, music, eating, music.”