Ebro Darden, Wale + Lil Yachty Show Support For Megan Thee Stallion

Photo credit – GettyImages (L) Johnny Nunez (R) Tommaso Bodd

Megan Thee Stallion is recovering from a very traumatic event!

Tory Lanez allegedly shot hot girl Meg in the foot. Although police haven’t confirmed Tory Lanez as the shooter, Megan confirmed on July 15 that she was shot and was a victim of a crime where someone intended to harm her. 


Since then, some social media users have been making fun of the matter. On one instance, 50 Cent posted a meme of a re-enactment of Boyz In The Hood but with Megan as Rickey, who we know gets fatally shot in the movie. Shortly after the rude meme was posted, Meg wrote a message online about black women not being protected. 

Unfortunately, the jokes continued throughout the week. Cam’Ron shared a transphobic meme which resulted in backlash. Model/reality star, Draya Michele, was also in the hot seat for joking about Megan and Tory having a Bobby and Whitney romance and that’s what led to her getting shot. She even joked that she would want someone to like her so much that they’d shoot her in the foot if she tried to leave. Draya apologized shortly after but she could have potentially put her position with Savage Fenty in jeopardy. 



Megan seemingly responded to both Cam’Ron and Draya via Twitter.

People like Ebro, Wale, and Lil Yachty have shown their support for Megan Thee Stallion. Ebro said until he hears from Megan, he can’t support Tory. Wale and Lil Yachty said that they love Meg. Take a look: