Live Coverage Of George Floyd’s Funeral In Houston + Family Remarks

People gather in a symbolic funeral procession in Downtown at the intersection of 1st St and Broadway on June 8
(Photo by Apu Gomes/Getty Images)

George Floyd will be laid to rest today (June 9) in Houston.

Floyd’s funeral today is for family and close friends with a limit of 500 people. There were memorials across the nation in his honor earlier this week were thousands of people came out. 

LA Times reports Floyd’s funeral will include a eulogy from Rev. Al Sharpton. After the service, Floyd’s casket will travel the last mile of the procession in a horse-drawn carriage, CNN reports. He’ll also be laid to rest next to his mother, who he called out for during his final moments. 

Floyd’s unjust murder “awakened” the nation and sparked a movement that is seen in all 50 states plus eight countries. His loved ones remember him as someone who “touched the world.” During the funeral, Floyd’s uncle, Selwyn Jones said his nephew “cannot die in vain,”

“I’m not going to let this one go. If we can’t make change now — forget about it.” See more statements from the family here.

See live coverage here: