Lizzo Reveals Her Weight Loss, Shows Off Her Hips & Curves

(Photo by Matt Jelonek/GettyImages)
(Photo by Matt Jelonek/GettyImages)

Lizzo is a beautiful soul inside and out! 

Lizzo doesn’t care about what people think of her and has always been an advocate for women to love themselves, no matter what shape or size. 

The singer posted a new picture on Instagram and she’s showing off her shredded curves. Lizzo didn’t show her face in the mirror selfie, but, she showed off her slimmer curves. In the background, you see gym equipment so Lizzo may have been dedicated to the workouts. In the caption, she wrote, 

“Everyone has permission to unfollow me bruh omggg. no Facetune hoe ayeeeee.” Take a look:

Lizzo is confident in her skin and it seems like she’s on this new journey for her, not for anyone else! 

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