Lockdown Love: C-Murder’s Alleged Mistress Speaks Out, ‘Monica Who?’ 

C-Murder with girlfriat ethnd and Kernel
(Photo by Skip Bolen/GettyImages)

Corey Miller, also known as C-Murder may have some drama on his hands. Although he’s currently behind bars serving a life sentence for the 2002 killing of Steve Thomas, he’s seemingly caught up in a love triangle. 

Last week, beauty mogul and prison reform advocate Kim Kardashian announced she’d be using her influence to try to get C-Murder released from prison. R&B singer Monica Denise also announced her pledge to get Corey out. In several lengthy heartfelt Instagram posts, Monica claims that she and Corey are “bonded by truth, honesty & loyalty.” She also claims to “ride or die” for Corey. 

However, Monica may not be the only woman dedicated to Corey, this could be a real-life “The Boy Is Mine” situation. The Shade Room posted several pictures from a woman who claims to be Corey’s lover. The woman goes by the online name of @sheflysplanes and she called Monica out in one of her posts. In the series of pictures, the woman also has flicks with Corey in jail, take a look: 

“Didn’t miss a weekend! Didn’t miss a call! Didn’t miss a payment! Monica who?! We all have a story and he will forever be a part of mine. Where these n***as be at when you say you doing all this and all that. @Future you remember how it went down. All she did was finesse his kids and sneak to the prison. That lady was married. But y’all know know how down down I was. Let’s be clear clear. I moved 4 minutes away from Angola prison. I’m realer than any man you will ever meet!”

Corey hasn’t spoken out regarding the “other woman,” however, last week, he referred to Monica and Kim Kardashian as “his angels.” His brother, Master P, didn’t take too well of Corey referring to Monica and Kim as his angels and questions Monica’s motives. He’s basically not feeling Monica’s sudden interest in helping his brother but she claims she’s quietly been around. As of lately, Monica has been showing out on the gram, rocking free Corey Miller gear.


Corey and Monica dated in the early 2000s but they never got married or had children. Corey went to marry the mother of his children in 1999 and got a divorce in 2001. Monica got with Rocko the producer in 2005, had two children, but in 2010 they broke up. Later that year, Monica and NBA player Shannon Brown got married and had a child but they divorced in 2019.

Aside from that, another LEGENDARY Verzuz battle will take place on August 31, 8 p.m ET between Brandy and Monica! YOU READY?