London On Da Track Addresses Summer Walker & Baby Mama Drama

Musician Summer Walker and producer London On Da Track attend a basketball game between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Philadelphia 76ers at Staples Center on March 01
Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

London On Da Track is sick of hearing his name get dragged.

The producer was a hot topic last week after Summer Walker blasted him on social media. We covered the report, Summer went on an Instagram Story storm and said 

“I should really out this bum ass n**** @londonondatrack. I could really f*** up life… lol but… I’m not. For now. lol for now ima just take my L. A whole b*tch.”

In the next post, she said, black men have to start doing better when it comes to being a father. She went on to say,

“My grandfather lame, my father lame, & dis nigga lame. lol and I guess the cycle will just continue. I guess n***** still dealing with the shackles of mental slavery or some sh*t, back when white men ripped you from your families and beat you to death if you tried to protect them. It goes deep. Sh*ts really sad.”

(See all of the messages.)

London on Da Track seemingly addressed the drama in his Instagram story. He said, 

“I’m not going to let heightened emotions continued false narratives and accusations trick me into disrespecting the mothers of ANY of my children.”

He went on to say that he loves his kids and he’s doing everything he can (legally) to ensure his kids have a good life. He said that his kids are his main priority and not drama. Take a look: