Lori Harvey Is Unbothered While Future Tweets Cryptic Messages About Baby Mama 

Lori Harvey abd Future
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Eliza Reign may have scored a victory in her paternity case against Future, but it could take some time before he publicly shows her respect. It doesn’t seem like the “Dirty Sprite” rapper is taking the news of him being the father of Eliza’s baby girl Reign too well. Although he hasn’t directly addressed it, his cryptic Tweets say a lot. 

In his recent messages today (May 21),

“People make lies up to make they self feel good.” 

In his next set of Tweets, Future spoke about unattractive women. He said, 

“Leave them ugly girls alone…” and then, “Dnt get high and treat a ugly girl pretty..HUGE MISTAKE.” He ended his “ugly” rant by saying “those type” of women are “be in imaginary relationships.” 

The last two messages seem extremely toxic. He writes, 

“U was really really lucky…RELAX” and then, “U crying over shoe money when u could’ve jus ask for it. RELAX.”

The set of messages come after Eliza filed a lawsuit against him for “defaming her name” by not claiming their child and making false allegations. Future’s girlfriend, Lori Harvey on the other hand is unbothered by it all.

Take a look:


Hopefully Reign’s parents can keep the peace.