Lori Harvey Shuts Down Rumors That She Dated Diddy And His Son Justin

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Lori Harvey shuts down rumors that she once dated Diddy and his son Justin Combs at the same time.

The model sat down with E! News and opened up about dating advice her stepfather, Steve Harvey, has given her over the years. “Just remember that you’re the prize, always.”

She continues, “it means not compromising my value, my happiness, my peace, not settling for less than I deserve and walking away from a situation that no longer serves me.” When asked what’s the biggest misconception about who Lori Harvey is, she explains, “full blown stories I’ve heard such as I’ve dated a father and son before” which she makes clear that that is not true. She also says she’s heard rumors that she’s a lesbian- which is also not true.

She goes on to say that she finds the rumors that she hears in the press about her to be very funny, and entertaining. She is unfazed and lets them roll off her shoulders.

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