Lupe Fiasco Says He’d ‘Chew Up’ Any Rapper Regardless Of Record Sales

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Lupe Fiasco says he will battle any rapper.. and win.

The Chicago rapper declares that he will “chew up” any rapper when it comes to lyricism.

While preforming on stage Coachella, Fiasco gave a heartfelt speech. “Hear me clearly when I say this, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart, when it comes to this art. And I quote: I will battle any motherf*cking rapper anywhere, any motherf*cking time” he declared.

“I don’t give a f*ck how many records you sold, I don’t give a f*ck how many awards you have,” Fiasco expresses.

“If you want smoke, I swear on my motherf*cking soul I will run through n-ggas, I will chew up n-ggas, I will f*ck up n-ggas. Quit playing with me! And that goes for every motherfucker walking and talking.”

Fiasco then addresses Tyler The Creator, who also performed at Coachella. “That goes for Tyler’s motherf*cking a*s. That goes for you, this Bad Bunny-looking motherf*cker right here. I don’t care!” he continued. “I do this sh*t for real, dawg. Stop putting my name in sh*t unless you want them flames and shit. I am not playing.”

The rapper then took to X to explain why his comments at Coachella. “Folks been sideways on socials and in the media at me all week like I won’t casually rap these boys and girls into the shadow realm…either spawn in and smoke it up or let me finish watching these cybertruck reviews in peace.”

This is all seemingly stemming from the rap beef that has been taking over our timelines from Drake, Metro Boomin’ Rick Ross and more.

Do you think Lupe Fiasco will out-rap your favorite rapper? Let us know!