Man Passes Away After He Got Sick On A Flight Leaving Dominican Republic

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Rest in peace! Khalid Adkins was traveling home from a Dominican Republic trip with his daughter when he suddenly started to feel ill.

Adkin was removed from his flight as he was sweating profusely, and throwing up in the bathroom on the plane.  According to reports, he was transferred to a hospital in Santo Domingo, where he then passed away. His sister in-law told news outlets, “They transferred him to Santo Domingo and said that his breathing is really bad and that his kidneys were failing.”

His daughter had already returned home when her father was transferred to the hospital. The family also states they had trouble getting in contact with the hospital he was being treated in.

His sister in-law, Marla Strick, told outlets, “He said his leg started to swell and that’s why he couldn’t get up.  And he started sweating and vomiting.  He is just yelling and in pain, so he couldn’t talk to me.”

This unfortunately marks the 10th most recent deaths in the Dominican Republic. We are praying for Khalid Adkin’s friends and family.



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