Man Proves Migos’ Style CAN Be Used for Dr Suess Lyrics [VIDEO]

Dr. Suess 'If I Ran the Circus'

[Photo Cred: Mario Tama / Staff ]

I know, all the Migos fans are gonna tell me to STFU IF they even talk to me, or I’m just an old head that doesn’t like any of the current music, and while true, I’m not an over all fan of today’s style, BUT Stir Fry is one of my new fav’s and I’ve been saying I don’t see how it’s not a radio hit by the end of the summer. With all that said, This footage does show exactly how ‘non-competitive’ today’s rappers are, that the top group right now, and to them the ‘greatest of all time’ (insert crying emoji’s here, this site doesn’t support emoji’s). Listen, this is Dr. Suess lyrics with Migos Swag;

There’s a Zillow on my pillow… MamA…. Suess…. This not fire for today’s standards?!? #MiSuess