Mariah Carey Talks Reconciliation With Nick Cannon: ‘Is He My Last Hope?’

Mariah Carey has some words for Nick Cannon and shut down rumors of a possible reunion between her and her former husband, Nick Cannon. In an interview with E! News, the Wild n’ Out creator opened up about a possible reconciliation with his ex-wife. 

Following the singer parting ways with her long-time boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka, in December, Cannon has speculated that there is a chance for a reunion between the two stars. “I mean, you gotta ask her!” Cannon told the E! News. “Let me know what she say!” He added, “Let’s do it, I’m with it.” 

However, it took only a short time for Carey to catch wind of his remarks. In a video that has resurfaced online, Carey had already confirmed to TMZ that it doesn’t look like they’ll be reuniting anytime soon. “Remarrying?” Mariah responded to the reporter. She continued: “He’s making this up. This is him being silly.” She added, “What is he? My last hope?”

Check out the clip below.