Mariah The Scientist Receives Backlash For Inmate Visitation-Themed Photoshoot

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Mariah The Scientist, who is romantically linked to Young Thug, is receiving backlash for an inmate visitation-themed photoshoot she recently did for Galore Magazine.

The R&B artist appeared to be portraying a woman visiting her partner in jail with a random baby in her hand. She also appeared to be exposing her breasts in one of the pictures. It appears that the feature, which was titled “The Art of Being a Woman,” was taken down amid all the backlash.

Mariah The Scientist seamlessly responded to the backlash tweeting, “Everything I do get ya”ll tight, [I] hate that for you.”

“It seems like everyone is judging you for your past or what they think of [you], not even knowing your circumstances or character, not considering the effort [you] put in to grow and evolve,” the “Spread Thin” singer continued.–rM-FBGOXDX0Q–rM-FBGOXDX0Q

“Black trauma, but make it FASHION,” Sean Garrette tweeted in regards to the photoshoot.

In response to Garrette’s tweet, LovelyImanii wrote, “Exactly ! This disproportionately affects the black community. ‘White people in jail to.’ Ok? Black children have significantly worse outcomes or trauma responses when their parents are incarcerated. So yes, Black trauma.”

“Very embarrassing for Mariah The Scientist to pose holding a baby that isn’t even hers, in a prison waiting for her man and having it be titled ‘The Art of Being a Woman.’ Like huh?????” wrote Oddrenax.

“I might be more hood than I thought [for real, for real], [because] I really don’t see a problem [with] the photo shoot Mariah the Scientist did. But that’s just me,” So_into_whitney said.–rM-FBGOXDX0Q

“Why are u b**ches infatuated [with] struggle love? Quickly,” tweeted Ffatpumpumgal.

“I thought that Mariah The Scientist shoot was weird when I saw just the one [picture] of her on the phone. But to include A BABY? Girl,” another Twitter user wrote.

“Who let they baby be used as a prop to a jail visitation themed photo shoot?” Nappyandsnappy1 asked.

A_LittleCorny said, “I already didn’t care about Mariah the Scientist but being someone who actually visited someone in jail for months….that photoshoot is cringe [as f**k] to me.”