Mario Wants To Compete In A VERZUZ Battle Against Omarion

(Photo by Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images)

Mario wants his name added to the VERZUZ battle roster. 

As the battle series continues to grow, many fans have been throwing out their fantasy match-ups and Mario’s name has been among them. The R&B singer isn’t opposed to the idea either. 

According to reports, Mario has one singer in mind that he would like to challenge and that his Omarion. “I think O would be the only right fit for the people.” Mario is known for his hits, “Braid My Hair”, “Crying Out For Me”, “Just A Friend (2000)” and “Let Me Love You”, which was written by fellow singer-songwriter, Ne-Yo. 

Ne-Yo also participated in a VERZUZ against producer Johnta Austin back in March, where he played the hit. Mario said, “I was happy to see him and Johnta did that. To this day when I hear the record, I still get chills. I understand it differently as an adult now, I was 17 when I first recorded it. In my mind, I hear it a lot differently. In my heart, I feel it a lot differently because I actually know what those words mean. Then, I didn’t know what those words meant.” 

Are you ready for a Mario and Omarion VERZUZ Battle?