Marlon Wayans Set To Star In Upcoming Jordan Peele-Produced Horror “GOAT”

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Marlon Wayans to lead Universal’s upcoming psychological horror GOAT, produced by Jordan Peele’s Monkeypaw Productions.



“And so the journey begins. Looking for to losing myself for a while. Let’s go! GOAT,” the Manhattan native shared in an Instagram caption with a post of the announcement on Deadline.

The “White Chicks” actor would post a second announcement by THR on Instagram with the caption, “Manifesting… now be careful what you ask for. No excuses… shut up and do the work.”

In GOAT, Wayans stars as an all-time athlete set on retirement but will train an up-and-coming athlete before his time is up. The film will be directed by Kicks (2016) co-director Justin Tipping. The rest of the cast is still in search. This marks Wayans and Tipping’s first time working together.

With over 30 years in entertainment, Marlon Wayans is known as a well-rounded actor who can deliver superior performances like his recent role as Will’s (played by Jabari Banks) dead-beat father in the revamped “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” series, “Bel-Air” or legendary college basketball coach George Raveling in the Ben Affleck-directed Air. The Wayans’s resume includes co-starring roles with Tupac, Jared Leto, and Matt Demon.

No official date for GOAT’s release at press time.

Marlon Wayans is represented by 3 Arts, WME, Vision PR, and Kevin Yorn and Ryan Goodell of Morris Yorn.

Marlon talked about his journey through Hollywood with Ebro, Peter Rosenberg, and Laura Styles at Hot 97 in 2018. He expressed his desire to create classic television, and told the trio, “I always said if I do a show … I’m put that work in because I want people to laugh out loud. I want a classic like I Love Lucy, I want something that 100 years from now, you watch it and say that was hilarious.”

Watch the complete interview below.