Martin Lawrence Fans ‘Concerned’ For His Health Following Recent Interview

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Martin Lawrence’s fans are concerned for the actor’s health after a recent interview has made its rounds on the internet.

Reported on The Neighborhood Talk blog, fans seem to notice that Lawrence speech is “slow”. “Martin seems a little slow and off! Like he’s had some kind of medical issue,” one user in the comments.

Fans come to the comedian’s defense, “Love them both…Martin been through a lot and now hes grieving death of his brother and you can tell Wil got his back…Love both these legends…May GOD bless them both and keep them close.”

“This Man just finish filming a whole ACTION movie. Ain’t nothing wrong with Marty Mar! My boy said he lost his man, so he probably grieving and he’s just calm right now & old. Yall just used to him being hype when he’s acting. yall gotta relax!” commented one fan. “He literally suffered a stroke in the past. The conversation around the impacts post-stroke aren’t talked about enough because this damn country has normalized them as a by-product of the diabetes and obesity epidemic. We love you Marty Mar..” wrote another.

We previously reported that sources close to Lawrence confirms that he is doing great and that he had just wrapped up filming on the latest “Bad Boys: Ride Or Die” movie. Reports also claim that he is preparing for a comedy tour this summer.

Bad Boys: Ride Or Die will premiere in theaters on June 7.