Mase Gifts Cam’ron $1k For Each Year They Weren’t Friends

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The history of the animosity between former rappers turned sports analysts Mase and Cam’ron is widely known. However, despite their past issues, the two have a successful sports show called “It Is What It Is”. In a heartwarming gesture, Mase surprises Cam’ron with a gift of $20,000, which represents $1,000 for each year they were not friends due to their feud.



On Monday’s episode, Mase gifted Cam’ron the money as the “Oh Boy” hitmaker celebrated his 48th birthday. Ma$e gave Cam $20,000, saying “For the 20 years I ain’t seen you.”

Rival Harlem rappers reconciled in 2022, ending a feud dating back to the late 1990s. They were once in the group Children Of The Corn, along with Big L, Herb McGruff and Bloodshed.

Ma$e retired from rap and became a pastor in Atlanta. A feud between him and his former collaborator ensued, lasting almost two decades.

During a conversation with Million Dollaz Worth of Game in 2019, Ma$e expressed regret over his feud with Killa. He admitted that the dispute had damaged a relationship he valued and never intended to ruin. The hosts of the show were Gillie Da Kid and Wallo.

Cam’ron took responsibility for his troubled relationship with Murda on an episode of All the Smoke podcast. He admitted their issues were his fault and explained how they reconciled.

“Ma$e gave me an opportunity to get my first record deal,” said Cam’ron. “He did a video for me – my first video ‘357,’ which was dope. And then I had another single with him, ‘Horse & Carriage,’ and he didn’t do that video so my label started gassing me like, ‘Yo why your man ain’t doing the video? He want $50,000 to do the video.’”

He continued: “So I started feeding into that shit. I’m like, ‘Word, this n-gga acting funny charging me for the video?’ So we kind of fell out over that, got cool again. Then you know, he went to church. I kinda didn’t understand it at the time because that’s my man all day and I’m like, where church come from?”