Mavado’s 18 Y.O Son Convicted Of Murder, Mavado Addresses Situation In ‘Not Perfect’ 

Mavado performs at Stage 48 on September 6
(Photo by Johnny Nunez/GettyImages)

The son of the dancehall legend Mavado is in a serious situation with the law.

Reported on Dancehall Mag, Dante Brooks, 18, was found guilty of murder today (Jan 28) in the Home Circuit Court in downtown Kingston, Jamaica. He’s reportedly facing a life sentence in prison. Brooks was also found guilty of illegal possession of a firearm and arson. 

HNHH reports, back in June 2018, Brooks, and another teen, Andre Hinds were found guilty after they were arrested and charged in connection with the killing of Lorenzo Thomas in the St. Andrews community of Cassava Piece in Jamaica. According to prosecutors, there’s evidence that shows Brooks, Hinds, and five other men entered the house and shot Thomas. They reportedly pushed the victim’s father into another room. The report says,

“Thomas’ killers attempted to sever his head but aborted that plan because the machete was too dull. They then doused the house and body with gasoline before torching them. Prosecutors relied on the eyewitness testimony of Thomas’ father, who indicated that he knew his son’s killers from the community.”

Brooks and Hinds will be sentenced on March 10. Their defense team reportedly told the Dancehall Mag publication that they plan on appealing the verdict. Brooks will have a trial by a judge instead of a jury. 

Mavado has shown unconditional love and support for his son and dropped a song seemingly addressing the matter. In Mavado’s 

“Not Perfect,” he speaks on his son’s trial and his own mishaps with the law. Some notable lyrics include,

“Just know very soon dat yuh coming home

Legacy me create dem wah fi rub it out

Laser ‘pon the rifle like predator

Wish me coulda tell you that I’m perfect but I’m not

Its me said one from the block

Many of my friends here some not

I got a couple run ins with the cops

But just true anything at all me nuh fear.”

Take a listen: