Meek Mill Helped Juelz Santana Get Out Of Prison Early! 

Juelz Santana
(Photo by Johnny Nunez/GettyImages)

Meek Mill is about that prison reform life! 

Reported on TMZ, with the assistance of Meek, Juelz was able to serve 19 months out of his 27-month sentence. He also skipped having to go to a halfway house

Meek helped the Dipset rapper’s wife, Kimbella, get in contact with a lawyer that guided them through the entire process. Since court systems are tricky at times plus things are even more out of whack due to the pandemic, Meek wanted to make sure everything worked out smoothly.

Since being home, Juelz has been spending a lot of time with family, posting his meals on the gram. He’s on supervised release and has to submit a drug test 15 days after he’s been home. 

Now that Juelz is a free man, he wants to help inmates who are in his shoes. TMZ reports he will work with non-profits whose main Gal is to overturn sentences for wrongly convicted prisoners. He also wants to help creatives behind bars find a platform for their work, like music and writing. 

Juelz also reportedly has new music on the way and wrote a TV series, but he’s taking time to spend with his loved ones. Take a look ay some of the special moments:

“Daddy’s Home…”

“Words can’t explain the feeling… my first day out after being away from my family for 18 months #thankful #freeatlast”

“My Queen… I Wouldn’t Have it no other Way… #Blessed #FreeAtLast”