Meek Mill Reacts To Wale ‘Linking’ With His ‘Enemy’: ‘Wale Never Liked Me’

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The rap “beef” continues.. this time with Meek Mill and Wale.

Meek Mill called out Wale for seemingly having dinner with his “enemy.” Meek writes via X, “Wale never liked me … now ima treat him like the streeets everytime I see him … I gave him 1000 chances these guys be thinking they linking with the enemy clown ass nigga I wish I woulda knew the other day I woulda stretched you!”

In another tweet he expressed, “I never believed this clown but now it add up lol so ima move like that these n#%gas scared of me … and I’m Neutral cause I’m blessed but now they making me mad … niggas acting cool with my kids with OPPs same day…. It’s slime time fellas let’s goo!”

Meek Mill and Wale’s “feud” began back in 2015 after Meek called Wale out for not promoting his album. Since then- Meek says he and the D.C. rapper have patched things up.

Earlier this year, when a fan asked Meek if he still had issues with Wale he explained, “Hellllllllllllll no,” he replied. “We had our arguments [before] years back but I came in this game getting money with him …I’m not holding no grudges against my peoples.. and for what???”

I guess things are still rocky between the two.