Meek Mill Rocks Real BARS While Calling for Peace in #Freestyle118 w/ Funk Flex [VIDEO]

Meek Mill with a White coat Funk Flex in Black Hoodie in Hot 97 studio

When I got word of this last night, I automatically know today was going to be one of these days… plus, this The first time ever we got an artist for the THIRD time, and who better than Meek Mill!!! The ‘What’s Free’ rapper has been on a serious ‘Reform’ run, speaking on the topic that’s close many hearts in the Black Community since it affects us heavily, Prison Reform, and how it’s unjustly targeting Black men!!! He’s taking time out of that run to come through and drop THESE serious BARS ahead.. Just watching the beat selection was so fire… There were so many vibes this coulda been, a pun, a Ross, a Mobb Deep, a CLIPSE(diff) or 2… but the selection they went with def did the job;



So I have to start with Meek catching Flex on the Spot and calling for peace between Flex and ‘his guy’ Drake, and Flex agreed.. eventually, that’d be great, but lets see how it plays out is all I’m saying…. *Kanye Shrugs* Aside from those good vibes, I’m not even gonna hold you, Meek had some BARS to get off his chest brush, he fu**in went in! Meek just dropped a fire ass album… turned around came through tonight and controlled that vibe with precision! #PhillyInTheBuilding