Meek Mill Slammed For Asking How Fans In Africa Listen To His Music

Meek Mill Performing on stage

Meek Mill found himself at the center of some Twitter chaos after posing what he believed to be an innocent question on social media.

Meek took to Twitter to inquire about the popularity of his music in South Africa.

“Do a lot of people play my music in South Africa,” he asked his followers. “I remember having one big show there a few years back… how do y’all listen to our music in South Africa? On what platform or in Nigeria?”

The Twitter users who repsonded did not hold back. One person remarked, “Well, it depends on the season. In summer, we hear it through the trunk of an elephant. In spring, the giraffes catch signal and play it out loud. You get me?” Another user added, “Normally we use rocks, but on a good day, we use trees or get one person to sing for the whole village.”

The banter continued with elaborate responses describing how fans climb mountains or gather by rivers to listen to Meek Mill’s music. Despite the lighthearted teasing, Meek Mill took it in stride. He later explained that his question was because his contracts say that he does not have the right to be distributed in Africa.