Meek Mill Slammed For “Free Tory Lanez” Remarks

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Meek Mill has been facing a lot of backlash in regard to his support of Tory Lanez. 

In recent reports, Meek was headlining the Algarve Festival (July 7th) where he yelled “Free Tory Lanez” after their collaboration track “Litty” was finished. “That was f*****g lit,” Meek told the audience after their song. “Free Tory Lanez too, one time.” 

Meek and Tory’s friendship has been on and off for years and with issues regarding Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, which represents Megan, fans were shocked to hear these remarks backing the controversial Canadian rapper. “Meek Mill should be giving Lil Tory survival tips for life inside the slammer,” one fan wrote on Twitter.  Another user added: “Meek Mill is always on the wrong side of history. Even if you feel in your heart of hearts Tory should be free you just keep it to yourself.” 

Others praised Meek stating: “90% of the industry knows Tory is innocent, Meek shouting Free Tory should tell you something. This is only the beginning.” After multiple collaborations and a potential full-length project their friendship seemingly went downhill following the Megan Thee Stallion shooting in 2020. 

Tory spoke on his fallout with Meek on last year’s “Mucky James” after the Philly rapper told him on Instagram, “I don’t fuck with you.” “Meek Mill, he used to be my dawg, he did some flaw shit to me/ And when I brought it up, lil’ cuh wouldn’t even talk about it/ Ain’t beefin’ with you cuh, I swear I’m more hurt than anything,” Tory said on the track. 

While Tory still waits to hear an official sentence, he’s currently behind bars with a denial of bond. The “Sorry 4 What” rapper is potentially facing a maximum sentence of up to 22 years and eight months, including deportation back to his native home, Canada. 

Prosecutors have requested for him to receive a 13-year sentence, declaring the “high level of callousness” and “high degree of indifference for human life” he showed when he allegedly shot Megan in the feet during a drunken argument in July 2020. 

Tory was set to learn his fate on June 13th, but his sentencing was prolonged at the request of his attorneys, who now have until August 7th to decide on a final sentence. This trial has been one of the most prominent events in Hip-hop media this past year, so to see this sentencing come to a conclusion would be huge!