Megan Thee Stallion And Her Best Friend Kelsey Unfollow Each Other

(Photo by Cassidy Sparrow/Getty Images for MAXIM)

Rumors have been circulating that Megan Thee Stallion’s best friend, Kelsey, was present the night Tory Lanez supposedly shot Megan.

Although Kelsey has not released any statements or share her version of the story, Tory Lanez did jump on Instagram in her defense and shut down rumors that she was the one to shoot Megan. “People saying Kelsey shot her,” wrote one person in The Shade Room’s comments. Tory caught wind of the comment, and replied directly- for the first time. “That’s not true,” he said.

This has clearly been a turning point in Megan and Kelsey’s friendship as the two have unfollowed each other off of social media.

Now, Meg’s other good friend, Jaeliey,  took to her Instagram to call Kelsey out for her silence. She writes via Instagram story, “how can you come in my room that day at the LA house and say (verbatim) TORY SHOT forget you came back around 4pm after you dropped off telling me the details bout how he f*cking pulled out a gun during a petty argument and he got mad and shot her.”

She continued, “But now you being quiet? You coward ass mouse b*tch..really lied to ME of all people about being injured bc Tory was beating yo ass?!? what happened to that? Why you ain’t say sh*t??????? But Meg supposed to be your best friend..that’s not how best friends work and you know you wrong God gone handle you accordingly.”