Cops Looking At Tory Lanez As ‘Potential’ Shooter + Megan Thee Stallion Unfollowed Him!

Recording artist Megan Thee Stallion appears onstage at #CRWN A Conversation With Elliott Wilson And Megan Thee Stallion at Gotham Hall on March 10
(Photo by Johnny Nunez/GettyImages)

The story continues…..

Following the report of Megan Thee Stallion allegedly getting shot in the foot by Tory Lanez, the “Savage” rapper unfollowed him online. In the digital age we live in although that’s a pretty big deal, it doesn’t confirm the speculation, but it does raise questions. 

Earlier in the week, we reported that in a Tweet and delete post, Megan’s producer Lil Ju Made The Beat told Tory to “count his days.” In another Tweet, Lil Ju denied the story that Tory Lanez defended Megan in the shooting. In Megan’s statement online, she said someone intended to harm her.

Before the tragic event earlier this week, Megan, Tory and some friends were hanging out at Kylie Jenner’s house. It doesn’t appear that Lylie was there during the shooting, however, some people online noticed that Kylie might be throwing some shade toward Megan. Since Megan was shot in the foot, people found it odd that Kylie would post this picture, of her foot.

Take a look:

Considering how CRAZY 2020 has been so far, we’re glad the situation didn’t erupt further. We’ll keep you posted!