Memphis Bleek Calls Dame Dash A Liar About Disapproving ‘Best of Both Worlds Album’ [VIDEO]

Memphis Bleek wearing all black

(Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images)

Memphis Bleek is speaking up against Dame Dash and claiming that he is lying about disapproving of Jay-Z and R. Kelly’s joint album, “Best of Both Worlds.”

In a recent interview with Nick Cannon, Dash expressed that Roc-a-Fella records had nothing to do with that album. Dash also talked about how he, as well as many other people who knew and worked with R. Kelly, had to look the other way when they were aware of Kelly’s sexual abuse.

Memphis Bleek caught wind of this clip and decided to say his piece on this matter. Bleek was recently on a podcast where he called Dash a liar and pointed out the fact that Dash never tried to keep his distance from the project.

Watch both videos below.