Memphis Bleek Jokingly Says He Can ‘Outrap’ Jay-Z; Social Media Reacts

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Memphis Bleek playfully says he can “outrap” Jay-Z.

While leaving a build TMZ caught up with Bleek. When asked why he hasn’t collaborated with HOV in nearly two decades, he explains, “he know I’m nicer than him. That’s why. He know I’ll burn him. He don’t want to put me on no record with him when I’m a smoke his boots. He like, ‘Bleek? Nah, put Bleek away. He too nice right now.’” 

The rapper continued, “I’m just nicer than him. That’s why he told me sell liquor. He’s like, ‘Bleek, you gotta stop rhyming. You too nice, n**gas going to think you write my rhymes. Just f**k with the liquor.’ I was like, ‘Aight Hov.’”

“Y’all gon feed unto this like he ain’t trolling.Jay said himself Bleek ain’t gotta rap again.That’s how loyal they are to each other.He the only one from the Roc Jay kept around” reacted one fan. “So many young ppl in here just dont get it. These dudes r like blood brothers and they come from a time in rap where you just talked competitive like that. Rap used to be more of a sport thats why dudes battle rap still today.”

The rapper also commented on a previous Drink Champs interview where Coach K suggest that Jeezy is “bigger” than Jay-Z. “Bigger where? As in weight or music? Jeezy is humongous… When I first went to Atlanta, the snowman I always thought was frosty, and then they told me, ‘No, it’s Jeezy.’ And so I said, ‘He’s a big motherf**ker, he killed that.’ But bigger than Hov? Hov is the… C’mon man, what Drake and them say? Big as the Super Bowl.”